Church service

Every sunday at 10.30 am. the the church is having service - every service will be interpreted into English

our leaders

Birgit Tind


Church phone: 

Susanne Jensen


Steffen Bay

Gospel Choir, Worship, Audio

Jakob Madsen

Music, Surroundings

The Family network

For those of you who do not know the Family Network, we meet in odd weeks at 16.00- 18.30


and it is for everyone who wants to expand their network.


It is for the elderly, children, families, single, lonely and for you who do not have a family. Contact us on mobile +45 24 24 71 46.

The Gospel fellowship

Sing with the Middelfart Gospel Community – Led by Steffen Bay


We sing songs inspired by gospel, soul and R&B.

In Gospel Kidz we sing mostly in Danish, but also some in English.

In Gospel Teenz we sing mostly in English, but also some in Danish.

In Middelfart Gospel Choir we sing mostly in English, but also some in Danish.


Please contact Steffen Bay in the form below

Meet us here

Teglgårdsparken 22

5500 Middelfart

Church phone:  24 24 71 46

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